Family Cookbook

The River Cottage Family Cookbook
Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall always ranks as one of’s favourite foodies, whether as an author, or on his television programs. His ‘back to nature’ approach is something that we’re in tune with, and all his previous books are among our top reads. In this book he takes this style one step further, by creating simple (yet exciting) ‘back to basics recipes’, which are suitable for the whole family to be involved with.

Hugh’s history is well known in England; he started out as a chef working the famous River Cafe, and despite being an excellent chef, lost his job through being far too messy for this type of professional kitchen. Far from being a downfall however, this set the scene for his later work.

Soon after this he appeared on our TV’s with the famous series A Cook on the Wild Side and TV Dinners, before following these up with the hugely popular River Cottage series. The style throughout these was one of how a simple walk through a forest could result in an exciting meal for a keen eyed chef.

In this book, he relies less on the ‘wild’ aspects of cooking, but retains the simplicity, with recipes which appeal to children as well as grown ups, such as traditional lemonade. All the recipes as suitable for the involvement of children, with obvious parent supervision.

All in all, this is an excellent book, and one that fans of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, or indeed anyone with both children and an interest in good food should be interested in. This is well worth the purchase price.