English Apple Crumble

The Apple Crumble is typically English. Warm, heavy, and filling, this is just what is needed on a cold winters day. The sourest of cooking apples makes for the best crumble (although not in everyone’s opinion), but virtually any kind of apple can be used for a different taste and texture.

This version of the English Apple Crumble takes that wintry warmth to the next level, adding touches such as brown sugar, cinnamon, and raisins. This makes an excellent alternative Christmas Pudding!.

English Apple Crumble Recipe – Ingredients

  •  8.1 oz/300g Plain Flour
  •  4oz/100g Butter
  •  2.6oz/75g Brown Sugar
  •  1lb/450g Cooking Apples
  •  30g Rolled Oats
  •  50g Raisins
  •  1 Teaspoon Cinnamon Powder

English Apple Crumble Recipe – Method

1. Peel and dice the apple into 1.5cm cubes.

2. Cook until starting to soften. The apple should be fully soft however retain some texture, and not be a purée.

3. Place the sugar and flour into a bowl. Rub together with your fingertips, this should create a very lumpy, gravely texture. Add the rolled oats and mix around a little more.

4. Spoon the apple mixture into a square oven dish approximately 30cm high. Evenly cover with the crumble mixture, and sprinkle the top liberally with more brown sugar.

5. Bake at approximately 180C until the top is browned. Serve while hot.

And To Serve…

Serve this classic English desert while hot with either Vanilla Custard, or ice cream. Some people prefer theirs cold.

VARIATION: For a refreshing summer change for this dish, replace 150g of the apples with fresh blackberries. When doing this, leave out the raisins and cinnamon, and change the brown sugar for white.