Canarian Potatoes

This recipe appears here at the request of a colleague at work, who wondered how to make potatoes taste ‘like they do on holiday’.

The real key to the difference in taste in these simply boiled potatoes is the boiling in the skins, and peeling after, as opposed to peeling before. For extra authenticity, you could boil in seawater where available.

Canarian Style Potatoes Recipe – Ingredients

  • 1kg Potatoes – waxy if possible
  • 50g Rock Salt

Canarian Style Potatoes Recipe – Method

  1. Scrub the potatoes, then add to boiling water along with the salt
  2. Boil for around 20 minutes until cooked
  3. Drain water
  4. If desired, peel when cooled slightly

And to serve…

Cut the potatoes in half, and serve with your favourite Mediteranean recipes, such as mojo sauce.