Firstly, let me just say that this Polish recipe title should actually read ‘Buraczki Zasmarzane’, as my Polish wife pointed out, but I thought that might be too complicated for English speakers, when what we’re actually talking about is ‘Fried Beetroot’.

This method of preparing beetroot turns a vegetable which can taste quite bland into something entirely different – sweet and delicious! The perfect side to any Polish dish.

Buraczki Recipe – Ingredients

  • 12 Beetroot (medium sized), cooked, peeled, and pureed
  • 2 tbsp Sour Cream
  • 30g Butter (unsalted)
  • Sugar
  • 1 1/2 tbsp White Wine Vinegar
  • Salt

Buraczki Recipe – Method

  1. Put beetroot in a large pan, making a well (hole) in the middle.
  2. Put butter in the hole, and heat gently. When butter is melted, and the beetroot starts to ‘sizzle’, stir this.
  3. Mix 1 1/2 tsp Sugar, a pinch of salt, and the vinegar to the beetroot, continually stirring over the heat.
  4. Mix in the sour cream, cooking for a further minute.
  5. Taste, and add more sugar/vinegar to taste.

And to serve…

Serve with any cooked meat – meatballs, steak, or sausages, and potatoes. Enjoy!

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