Blog Day 2006

Blog Day 2006 logoApparently today is Blog Day 2006. Being ultimately professional, I didn’t actually discover this until 23:10 on the 31st of August (as I’m writing, now), which means Blog Day has only 50 minutes remaining. Oh well, better late then never, I suppose (incidentally thanks to Becks & Posh, where I learned this information!).

Mushroom Journal

You know us, we love anything seasonal, and just coming into season right now are Mushrooms. For us, that means many damp mornings searching through local woods and forests, carrying our wicker basket, a knife, camera, and trusty mushroom identifying book. This guy, however, seems to live and breathe mushrooms, mushroom picking and taking photos all the time. Very interesting!

Cherry’s English Kitchen

Cherry seems to have the same taste in food as we do – specialising in wild food and seasonal cooking. She includes guides to which food is in season right now, and recipes to use ingredients at the right times. This is something we all should be trying to do! Great stuff.

The Beatroot

Well, since my wife is Polish, and contributes many of the Polish recipes on this site, how could I not include this excellent blog all about Poland, Polish news and Polish culture? This site has everything you could ever want about Eastern Europe.


Suggesting a foodblog which is so much more beautiful then ours may be internet suicide, but how could we not cite this as one of the most beautiful blogs around? The photographs here are simply magic – never a crumb out of place. Excellent inspirational foodblog.

The Passionate Cook

The recipes on this website simply work. There’s a certain approachability about these that some other food websites can lack (more food, less posing for photographs, please, others take note). The one we are in love with right now oozes simplicity yet somehow works – Raspberry and Apple jam.