Australian Recipes, Culture, and Food

Australian Recipes

Australia, in the context here, is actually the continent (also known as Oceania), and therefore recipes here are from any of the countries contained within. Australia is a continent nestled in between the Indian and the South Pacific Oceans, and is truly renowned for being the originator of ‘fusion cooking’.

The fusion in Australia is unique in many ways. Australia’s heritage comes in the form of aboriginal ‘bush tucker’, however they now readily embrace their Asian neighbours into their kitchens, resulting in the contemporary food today. As Australia is a mainly immigrant formed country, they are a myriad of different styles present both in terms of culture and food. Rather then have a patchwork of different styles scattered across the country, Australia uniquely blends these together into the style we see today.

Australian food can be very heavily barbecue based, taking advantage of the plentiful seafood such as prawns and crayfish. When planning Australian, think outdoors, and think light in terms of ingredients; choose to illustrate this delicious and experimental blend of styles Australia is becoming so famous for.