African Recipes and Culture

African Recipes

Africa is a continent of immense proportions, from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco in the north, with their Meditteranian infulences, down to Cape Town in the South, there are a multitude of food styles and cultures. As such, it is very a very difficult continent in which to try and pinpoint a particular cooking style.

Influences from the West can be seen along Africa’s East coast, particularly with the coffee plantations of Kenya, whereas Middle Eastern influences can be seen along the West coast, with exciting spices such as Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Curry.

Traditionally, African food is starchy and, sometimes, can be quite spicy too, and foods such as stews are common. Staple foods in Africa include Bananas, Yams, Peanuts (Groundnuts), and Lentils. In Africa, as with many countries, meats are seen simply as an ingredient, rather then the focus point of the meal itself.

When planning an African themed meal try and veer towards soups and stews, using starchy, but light ingredients. Use plenty of coconut, banana, yam (or sweet potatoe), lentils and spices. Cook using peanut oil, and spices like chillies, ginger, and pepper.